R chases B: update 1

I have look for references to find a style that match the arabic-oriental background that I want the game to have. I research concept art from Prince of Persia, Assasin’s Creed, and general random arabic-oriental concepts. I have also looked for Warhammer 40k concept art of orks  because I would like that the red faction has a similar chunky armour look that the orks have. After looking for Warhammer pictures I’ve come with the possible idea that the world could be oriental but also a bit technological or steam punk. I would like that my red character has a mechanical fist or claw or something similar and the conqueror race that have a technology based on build things from scavenged spare pieces and metal plates from the ruins of their enemies.

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After gather all the images and arrange them, I have started to prepare a base concept model of the blue hero over which I can test different cloths, tattoos, and jewellery. I will do the same with the red character tomorrow and I will try to find feedback from somebody before I decide which of the equipment is the final one (the most probably will be a mix of them). By the moment, here it is the work i have done today:


Different concept of the Djinn’s (Blue) clothing


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