R chases B: Update #3

Today I have made some designs for the equipment of the red faction. I liked the idea of make them a bit technological, based on putting together scrap and junk to build armours, weapons and tools.

I would like have started today with the 3D but I didn’t have enough time due to other tasks from another subject (I had to read two heavy going writings for the media course subject and it took me a while…). I will try to finish the sideways of both characters before going to bed to left it prepared to start modelling tomorrow.

Here is my today’s work 😛


I want to reach a mix between oriental-arabic style and junk technology.
The last one would be the equipment for a flame-thrower.

I have been thinking in put them some type of footwear but finally i have decided not to do so, since the hooves are something very characteristic of this race that I would like to keep. I have also thought about give the horns some shape variety but, as I am running out of time I decided to put it off to a further development if I choose this project to do so.


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