R chases B: Update #4

Placing the front side concept next to de side view head reference that I had already drawn, I have completed the side view of both characters, completing the sideview of their body. With parallel guidelines I have established the position of several model’s reference points and transferred them to the side view in order to use this resulting reference image inside Maya and be able to approach more closely to the position and shape of this elements in space possibly, getting a better result in accuracy regarding the concept art and achieving a better sensation of volume.



Use of parallel guidelines to translate points from the front view to the lateral one.

During the process, I have notice that I should have done this accurate relation between both views in first place before starting doing equipment  designs or of other features since I have found some problems related with the proportions that I had in the front view and what I wanted for the side view. I have had to correct the shape of both views modifying shapes like the nose, muscles or eyebrows.  I didn’t have problems doing so but, I had already done other concepts that will not share the same appearance of the final result. Although, they are still useful to see the different designs of equipment or get an idea of the possible features that the characters may have. Nevertheless, I find it a mistake that a final professional work should not have.



Differences between the final result after the adjusment and the original.

With both references, front and side views, I can now proceed to do the character modelling part of the project.


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