Bibliography ♯2: Sketch-based Generation and Editing of Quad Meshers

TAKAYAMA, K., PANOZZO, D., SORKINE-HORNUNG, A., SORKINE-HORNUNG, O. 2013, “Sketch-based generation and editing of quad meshes”, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 32(4), pp. 1-7.

This article introduces a new application to assist 3D artists in a much faster and intuitive way of remeshing by sketching on the model and using polygon pool patches to redirect the mesh flow. The authors conclude that, despite the good testers’ feedback, the application can still be improved with the incorporation of other techniques, custom tools and the improvement of the existing ones. Besides, The authors have also discovered issues with five sided patches in punctual cases.

This article has shed light on a new more intuitive and precise way of retopology for my 3D models with much more control that in actual tools found in Maya or Zbrush. AlsoI have discovered I need  to be more alert on the launch of new tools and plugins to these applications or finding the applications would have them.


Web source: LINK


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