Bibliography ♯4: This isn’t happening: time in videogames

RUCH, A.W., 2013, September. This isn’t happening: time in videogames. In Proceedings of The 9th Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment: Matters of Life and Death (p.14) pp. 1-5, ACM.

In this conference proceeding the author try to make the reader to think about the conception of player time and space while plays a video game extrapolating the game time line to the real one. The author includes reflections of processes like character death and rebirth as well as the player’s motivation to continue the journey till the end of the game.

The author stresses the Little quantity of games that include a plausible explanation about the character’s process of death and rebirth (Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, …) and divide them depending on the received player’s perception in regard of the past of time.

It is concluded that the organization process in which depends on the comprehension of video game’s time rely directly on human mind ability to avoid failures on the pursuit of a logic narration. At the same time, It is insinuated that player’s freedom on they can expend their time is associated with the preconceived objectives of the character role, restricting their in-game actions and movement.

The author analysis may help me in my future game designs giving sense to the transition between character’s death and resurrection, gaining depth and meaning on the mechanics and the game background.


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