Reflection ♯2: Project “Red Chases Blue” part 1

Our first assignment in the Media Project subject has been to create a project around the topic or concept of “red chases blue” with a deadline of 2 weeks.

In class they showed us several examples of possible developments of the projects but, as they consisted in two elements, represented by two colours, that chases each other or with a metaphoric sense of chasing, the initial possible concepts to this project were almost unlimited which made me a bit unsure on how or what way take to complete this assignment. Therefore, I started an investigation about the topic itself, researching about the meaning of the two colours presented, red and blue. Browsing the internet I found several websites talking about the meanings of colours, the most interesting was one completely dedicated to colours meaning and sociological uses named “Empower yourself with colour psychology”  where I found several ideas about both colours.

–Red:  it’s a colour that sends us different meanings. They are divided in positive and negative.

In this point I decided that red was almost always associated with evil characters so I have decided to focussed in the negative part of the colour meaning. Therefore, red transmits lust, irritation, anger, revenge, agitation,…and is related with blood and war.

Blue: it transmits peace and in some cases it is related with the good. Blue gives a sensation of trust, responsibility, loyalty, peace, tranquillity, etc. and it is also related with friendship and the will of help others. It would be the perfect colour to use in a heroic character.

At this point, with the concepts of good and evil in mind, I started a brainstorming, trying to create a background story for both characters. The result was the next: On one hand, for the red character I imagined a very numerous conqueror warlike race. On the other hand, the blue colour reminded me the Aladdin’s character Genie (Disney, 1992) but also the element of Air. I linked the idea of air to Airbender’s main character Aang (Nickelodeon, 2005) and how it would fight using powers-magic of air. Combining both ideas resulted in an air Djinn that use air powers to move and fight.

After having developed the characters idea I decided that the reason for red to chase blue would be capturing the genie in a lamp, and the objective for blue would be rescue his girlfriend from the evil hands of the red army, a concept very times used in games like The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo, 1986) or Super Mario Bros (Nintendo, 1985).

For the appearance of the game, I decided that the game should be a lateral “Beat ‘em up” like Double Dragon (Technos Japan, 1987), Golden Axe (Sega, 1989)  or Castle Crashers (The Behemoth, 2008) but with a style like Trine (Frozenbyte, 2009) where the character can only move in a plane (left, right, up and down) and with a very beautiful and appealing background.

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Empowered By Color (n.d.) Color Psychology Will Empower Your Life [Online]. Empowered By Color. Available from: < > [Accessed 06/10/2016].

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