Bibliography ♯5: Automatic single-view character model reconstruction

BUCHANAN, P., MUKUNDAN, R. AND DOGGETT, M., 2013, July. Automatic single-view character model reconstruction. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (pp. 5-14). ACM.

In this paper a new technique is presented to establish the first steps of a procedure to recreate a fully functional textured 3D low-poly model that is ready to use in real-time applications from a 2D concept art. It uses a modified skeletonization process based on the work of Willcocks & Li (2012) that aligns the skeleton better with respect the shapes inside the image. The mesh is created by generating arcs from the outline towards the centre creating a 3D triangular mesh. After that,  the texture is created through border expansion. This process, despite having many problems depending on the characteristics of the image source that may result in mesh deformations and depth problems, it is a very encouraging beginning to study and develop this technique further.

As a concept artist that work with 3D, I found the possibility of automatically transforming my drawings in rigged tridimensional characters very time-saving. It could help me to experiment with my design and expand the possibilities that my work could bring to the game sector.


Web source: LINK


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