Bibliography ♯7: Videogame reward types

PHILLIPS, C., JOHNSON, D. AND WYETH, P., 2013, October. Videogame reward types. In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Gameful Design, Research, and Applications (pp. 103-106). ACM.

The author makes an analysis of the current systems of video game reward classifications and suggests a new evaluation taking as reference the Hallford and Hallford’s system and developing and adding new categories. In its analysis of the current systems, the author determine establish that either are very limited or are too genre specific been very difficult the classification of some types of reward. The author remarks the necessity of a definition for reward due to the ambiguity the term has giving limits to the term. In the development of its categorization, create new subdivision referring sensory feedback and positive feedback and finding and creating a whole new branch related to duration and time.

It has to take in consideration the limitations of this study due the selection of only five genres of games and the reward’s personal conception and subjectivity for each individual.

The knowledge about rewards is a very important factor in the development of a video game. This makes a game more gripping and enjoyable. Knowing how to classify these rewards will allow me to have more control in the correct application of them in my future work and give more feedback variety to players will widen the player’s sensation of accomplishment.


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