Bibliography ♯8: A Study of Image for Heroic Characters in Video Games

KAO, C.H. AND FAN, I., 2015. A Study of Image for Heroic Characters in Video GamesAsian journal of social sciences & humanities, 4(1), pp.118-125.

In this study the figure of hero is taken to analyse the consumer perception of each type of heroic character so the character developers will be able to match the expectations of gamers. In this study is analysed either western heroes as eastern ones classified depending on their scenario: modern age, history and virtual world. The personal-traits of each hero were analysed to give information about the player’s mental association of each type of hero with a specific attribute. The results highlight the player’s preferences for virtual hero among the others, thinking that it is bravest and more moral while, the modern and history heroes are conceived as more visionary.

For the success of a game a very important factor is that the player’s feels identified with the main character background and behaviour. It is going to accompany the player through all the game and is important for the immersion of the player that the characterization of their avatar reaches their expectations. Therefore, knowing what player are expecting is important in the development and design of a character, giving information about how it expected to be and behave can be translated on how the character looks and how it has to be modelled.


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