“Places of the Mind” Final update #6

For my final work, as a more worked piece,  I decided to model the tree in Zbrush. I borrowed a free model from turbosquid (Link) to not waste too much time modelling the body parts. In Maya, I extracted the body parts that I wanted to use (arm, leg and mouth) and duplicating and putting them on the low-poly tree model that I already had, I created the base model for Zbrush. I exported all the elements as an OBJ and imported it on Zbrush.

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Since the body parts already had a good definition and shape, I started modelling the tree by smoothing the edges and adding a bark feeling to the surface, I took some references from google images that looked like the bark of a spooky tree.

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I mainly used the Standard and ClayBuildUp brush to model the entire tree.  I created some gaps in the surface to put the eyes and, with a sphere, I made one eye and then duplicated it and moved each one to their position, scaling and rotating them if it was needed. I added some bark texture where the limbs and the tree connect so it had a bit of transition and may seem more uniform.

I am not very happy with the result because my lack of practice with Zbrush didn’t allow me to reach the detail quality level that I had in mind. Nevertheless, I liked the concepts and ideas of this project and it could be one of the two projects that I will continue further.



Free Alesia Light 3d Model (n.d.) [Online]. Available from: <http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/773659 > [Accessed 14/10/2016].


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