“Memory & Nostalgia”update #1

In this week’s project the topic is “Memory and Nostalgia”. We have to choose one of them (Memory or Nostalgia) and develop a project about it. For memory we can use references of our childhood or memories deep inside our consciousness.  As an exercise to get a very deep memory, each of us has tried to recall the first memory that we can remember. We can use that memory as reference to develop further our project. In the case of video game master students we can develop a project about nostalgia based on a very old video game that we used to play and that it had leaved a mark on our memory as a great game. In order to take this way, we must re-think and re-do the concept of a place or a character of that video game.

In my case, as I have very good memories about video games, I would like to take a game of my childhood. I am thinking on taking one of the next video games: Baldur’s Gate, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango or Simon the Sorcerer.

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