Bibliography ♯11: Is cloud gaming the future of the gaming industry?

MARIANO, B. AND KOO, S.G., 2015, July. Is cloud gaming the future of the gaming industry?. In 2015 Seventh International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (pp. 969-972). IEEE.

In this paper the author does a revision on the actual status of the cloud gaming and the proposed improvements on the creation of a more suitable platform for game streaming. The author make a brief analysis of the current two most important companies in this sector (OnLive and Gaikai) and the problems present in their services and the main obstacles on the development of this technology: latency and game quality. The author states that the current technology nowadays is not viable to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding gamers  and it will not be until the Internet infrastructure and on-demand gaming system improve further that this system will be able to compete or surpass the actual consoles or computers.

If cloud gaming surpass this barriers and achieve the quality of the current machines it may revolutionize the sector, been able to recreate bigger and more complex scenarios which would demand more artist graphical input and would expand enormously the limits of realism and quality beyond the actual technology.


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