Bibliography ♯12: Optical Dreams, Virtual Reality

HECHT, J., 2016. Optical Dreams, Virtual RealityOptics and Photonics News27(6), pp.24-31.

In this article the author make an in-depth analysis of the actual state of the virtual reality industry highlighting the major problems in the success of this technology (frame rate, vection and vergence) and its relation with nausea induced effects of using this type of devices. Also, he makes thorough breakdown of the actual VR devices types dividing them in three categories: dedicated, smartphone and augmented reality systems. The advantages and flaws of each system are analyzed and questioned about the success of one product or another depending on the quality offered versus the price and accessibility. Finally, the more recent ideas on the improvement of this technology against the sensory mismatches are presented.

Virtual reality has recently appeared in the game sector as a new area of development, opening new possibilities to the game industry and the improvement of the player experience through completely immersive games. As it could become a very important step in the game evolution as standardised platform. Knowledge of this new technology and the new games that are being developed for this platform may expand my ability to produce material to virtual reality environments.


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