Bibliography ♯14: An investigation of the effects of game difficulty on player enjoyment

ALEXANDER, J.T., SEAR, J. AND OIKONOMOU, A., 2013. An investigation of the effects of game difficulty on player enjoymentEntertainment Computing,4(1), pp.53-62.

In this text the author presents a study about the behavior around game difficulty on casual and experienced players to verify if some of the beliefs about this two groups are true or not and to give a deeper understanding about their difficult needs and preferences to the game development community. As a result of the research was found that the chosen difficult depends directly on the game style, a feedback is needed to make acknowledgement for the performance of the player and take in consideration the consumer target to match the learning curve and challenge needs of the consumer. There are several factors that diminish the reliability of this test such a poor number of participants or inconsistency in some data. Also, there are factors that have not been taken in consideration such as game genre, type of control, duration or competitive elements.

Taking in consideration the main customer target of a game, their needs and behaviour may help me in the production of a more suitable and enjoyable product and therefore, it would be more successful.


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