“Memory & Nostalgia”update #5

I have finished the modelling of the Character by adding the cloths, the ponytail and an earring. I have used different subtools to make each one of them and in some cases like the ponytail, the shoes and the belt I have used more parts.

I have used the technique of extract a copy of masked surface of the model and then gave it a thickness. After that, I have modelled some folds and creases on the surface with the standard brush and a low brush intensity.

I had some problems with the resolution of the tool, having to divide the subtool a lot to get the definition I need and reaching the maximum of subdivision very quickly. I suppose that I am not doing something properly, I will try to figure out what I am doing wrong for future projects.


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faolinfalalay (n.d.) Creating Clothes & Armor With Panel Loops in Zbrush [Online video]. Available from: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGqMYhueyLc > [Accessed 22 /10/2016].


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