“Light & Shadows” # 1

In this week the main topic is the light  and the cast shadow from the elements of the scenery and learn as much as posible about lighting. As general references we had as examples the chiaroscuro’s paintings of Dutch painters, the shadow casting of architectural structures and Casablanca, Sin city or Hitchcock’s films.

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As game references we had Limbo, Inside and Metro 2033 as games that use lights in different ways to enhance the atmosphere.

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Has been highlighted that the only thing that is going to be evaluated in this Project is the light above all the other work. My Idea then is to model something quickly in Maya, put some shapes in Zbrush to be cast and maybe borrow some 3D model from internet to complete the scene in Unreal Engine. The main problem that I will probably have will be that I have never used Unreal Engine and I have to learn how it Works, also Lightning is not my cup of tea since I prefer character modelling or texturing. I hope have enough time to, at least, present something with lights next Wednesday.


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