“Light & Shadows” update # 5 (Final)

I have just finished the project and I am not too happy with the result since I couldn’t express my original idea as I wanted due to my lack of knowledge about the unreal engine programme. I regret having wasted so much time on the zbrush’s modelling of the wall since at the end I couldn’t use it because the programme crashed each time I tried to extract the normal map, perhaps because of having too many subdivisions.

I had to create some UVs to apply some textures due to the need of making alphas to make light emissive areas as the car light or the Windows interior light. I would like to create a more subdued light and colour to the Windows but the tools didn’t let me do it (I suppose there is a way but I don’t know how) so they finished having a very yellowish colour.

I also couldn’t figure out how to record a video with Matinee since the camera didn’t follow the path I made and stayed static all the time. I will give it a chance again in future projects but I am done for this one, I don’t have more time.

As I said, I am not happy with the result, but to be the first time using Unreal engine I think I have learnt a lot so, while I am not happy with the result, I am very encouraged by the process.

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