“VR-Zen” update #4

I have made the cyclic animation of the dodecahedron and tried to export it to unreal by baking the animation. I had some problems with the speed of the reproduction in unreal and had to speed it up inside unreal, I think that when I did the animation I didn’t turn on the real-time animation option on the time line and because of that the animation moved slower than it should. For the animation of the rest of the models I will do it properly.

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I have also finished the cylinder model and animation. I have copied and pasted a very flat cylinder one on top of the other since I had the length I wanted. I have thought in 3 moving parts instead of two as Kvesitadze’s sculpture to create higher sensation of movement. As this model would allow very little variety in animation with the deformation of the parts I have decided to create forms by stretching and growing the pieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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