“VR-Zen” update #5

Today I have made scenery consisting in a room with very simple forms but with a futuristic touch. I had some problems with the sizes of the model and the space area used by the animations so some times the figures cut the surfaces of the floor or ceiling so I had to go back and forward a couple of times to correct the problem.

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I have also finished with the other two figures, the pyramid and the planetary spinner. For the pyramid I have used different pyramid structures one inside the other but a bit little each time so they had space between each piece. For the spinner I made some concentric torus of 4 sides and put a sphere in the centre. For the animation of the pyramid I have done something similar to the dodecahedron moving the parts inside the pyramid and also making some forms. I am giving to all the figures a 360º rotation in all the axis that has the duration length of all the animation, I found that it gives a really good looking to the animation and also I have put a rotation in Y inside unreal so the position always is different for each moment since they will have a cyclic animation of the figure and a linear animation of the engine. For the spinner, after doing the typical rotation of the concentric torus like it was an atom I have decided to give more animation moving the circles in different ways, like a scanner animation, an exclamation animation or a water drop animation. I haven’t added a rotation in all the axis for this one since it has some animations like the scanner or the exclamation mark that wouldn’t look good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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