“VR-Zen” update #6

To end the project today I have put all my attention in the texturing and material part on Unreal. I wanted to take a look on the Substance programmer too so I decided to study a bit about it. Since I hadn’t too much time I decided to use basic materials of the program like gold (dodecahedron), aluminium (pyramid) and white plastic (cylinder and room) and extract their maps (albedo, normal map, metal,…) to make some materials in unreal. I have also looked some tutorials to change the default background of clouds of unreal for one of the space, with stars and nebulas. I found a very good tutorial on YouTube that introduce me a tool to create a space skybox with space scape programme and the steps to use it in Unreal Engine. I have also looked for tutorials to create a glass material but the one that I found I didn’t like the result so I decided to mess a bit with it and I ended creating a holographic-ish material which I applied to the cylinders and the planetary spinner.

In my opinion this project has redeemed me of the bad result I think I had in the light and shadow’s project. I liked the lighting and the shadows cast I have achieved in this one. As in the Light and Shadow project, I feel that I have learnt a lot during this one (animation baking, unreal lightning, animation, materials and skybox and also substance). I still feel quite a bit lost with the Unreal’s blueprint system. On one hand, I am not a programmer and I don’t intend to be one in the future so I feel that knowing how to use it would not improve my design skills or models as a character artist. On the other hand, Unreal engine gives a great look to the models and would be very good to know its use for presentations. I will learn more about it in the future because is a programme required for this course and for games in general.


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