3D Printing ♯4

I have been following the tutorial I mentioned during this three days. These are some examples of some Ryan Kingsley’s tutorials I have been following:

I still have not too much idea of how create hard surfaces and straight edges but at least now I know how to increase the detail of a model by redistributing the mesh polygon density with Dynamesh. I would like to understand better the usage of Dynamesh resolution and its options but at least now I think I can work properly without so many subdivisions.


ZBrushWorkshops (n.d.) [Online]. Available from: <https://www.zbrushworkshops.com/ > [Accessed 13/11/2016].

Ryan Kingslien (n.d.) ZBrush 4R2 Tip # 1: DynaMesh / Remesh [Online video]. Available from: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzCBQoD55y8 > [Accessed 13/11/2016].

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