3D Printing update ♯6

Today, I have modeled the neck using the curvetube brush to make the shape I wanted. Then I smoothed it and gave it some detail by making the scales, the skin folds and the spikes on the back of the neck. I have also added more detail to the head by sculpting scales on it, adding some horns and modeling the ears using damian standard brush to define edges. I modelled the horns and the teeth using the curvetube brush and copying, pasting and placing the new teeth in the mouth scaling them if needed.i have also modeled the mouth interior around the teeth, added detail and created the tong using the curvetube brush. As the model will have a lot of detail, I have decided to do only a dragon bust instead the complete body. Therefore, I will use the TrimCurve to give it a clean cut to the base of the bust.

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