3D Printing update ♯7

I used TrimCurve to cut the base of the bust and added a base to sustain the model. Then I used Dynamesh to combine all the pieces to make it one only mesh.

As I have the overall shape modeled I started to put more derail stop using Dynamesh and starting to subdivide the model try to do sharpener edges and shapes, like on the horns, and add some textures to the scales and the throat and also improve the detail around the eyes.

I have found some problems inside the mouth that I didn’t notice yesterday due to the use of dynamesh on elements that are close, fusing them when I didn’t want to. I have tried fixing it by going some steps back but the issue was made too many steeps before. Therefore, I have decided to try fixing what I could by separating some parts, and then using Dynamesh again leaven what was very difficult to correct

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