Project Development: Red chases Blue update ♯2

I have research a bit about the clothing to try to emulate the folds but the pictures I found didn’t fit with the cartoonish look of my character so I decided to use a bit the folds of the references but trying to do a more inflated pants having the Aladdin’ cloths look.

After that, I started using the same technique I used in the “memory and nostalgia” project to make Guybrush’s cloths in Zbrush using masks and panaloops. I used this method to create the basic cloth’s and then will add folds and creases in the next days.


HAREM PANTS – Where Style Meets Comfort | Harem Pants For Women, Girls (2014) 21 February [Online blog]. Available from: <; [Accessed 25/11/2016].

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