Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯2

I found a nice tutorial about making a cartoon character’s face from scratch using masks, inflate brush, moving brush, Damian Standard brush and Dynamesh. The most important discovery I found in it was the use of the polish option inside Dynamesh which gives a great polished result with a cartoonish looking. I have used this technique in this project but I am more interested in using it in the “Red chases Blue” project because of the cartoonish style I am trying to use in it.

I have started the new character with a sphere doing the shape of the head and continued modelling the overall body but I haven’t defined the shapes.sin-titulo-9


Pixologic (n.d.) ZBrushCore – Steve James – Part 1 Base [Online video]. Available from: <; [Accessed 02/12/2016].

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