Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯4

Today I have finished the modeling trying to follow Jhon Cena’s reference but also trying that don’t look exactly the same. I was interested in making a wide  chin and jaw like Jhon Cena’s. I followed the tutorial I found to do the face. I have used inflate and Dynamesh with polish activated to create the mouth and eyes’ holes and inflate and Devian Standard brush to define the shape. Then I have created two spheres for the ayes and cut a hollow cylinder in half to create the teeth . Then I have modeled and extended the model’s “skin” around the eyes and teeth. Using Demian standard and inflate brush I have given volume and defined the lips and the eyelids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to use Maya to model the base of the helmet and then model more detail on Zbrush, because I had problems in Zbrush in other projects with the shape control of panel loops being unable to give it the desired shape. I have modeled it from a cube, deleting the base and cutting it in half when I had the overall shape, then I have modeled the resulting plane adding edges where was needed and using extrude to make the horns. When I had finished the model I have duplicated it, scaled it to -1 x, combined both parts and merged the union vertex. Then I have exported it to Zbrush and gave it more detail.



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