Project Development: Red chases Blue update ♯10

I have showed the low poly model today and the professor told me that it was too low poly. It had 7000 tris and he recommended me to double this quantity to increase the resolution and define better the silhouette of the model. In order to do that, I had to add loops and redoing the mesh in some cases. He also told me that the belt’s buckle as ha hard piece it should be separated from the model as it would be deformed when the character will be animated.
He also told me that the quad density should be more even along the body so I tried to put more edges where was less edge loops and separate them where they were closer. It took me a lot of time to complete the retopology because I had some issues due to the use of a live object with multiple layers of elements. The quad draw tool sometimes used a deepest layer to snap the vertex and was very difficult to work with it after convert it in a quad, because it don’t let me use or move some of the edges and the vertex again having to go out of quad draw mode, move the vertex outside the model manually and then, back in quad draw, soften the edge to put it in the outer layer. For future retopologies I will import models without multiple layers of elements to avoid this problem. All the process took me a lot of time because quad draw is very computer’s resource demanding.

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