Project Development: Red chases Blue update ♯11

With the topology finished, I have started to make the UV maps of the model. The process I followed in order to create the UVs of each piece is the next: First I select the object I want to make the UV maps hiding the rest of the elements, then I do a planar UV projection in the best orientation possible for instance, In the case of the body I take a frontal view. Once I have the projection on the UV Map I look which would be de best edge loops and lines to cut to unfold the UV and if the model needs to be cut in several pieces or not in order to have enough space to unfold. In the case of the body had to separate it in several parts (Hands,feet, head, ears and the rest of the body). Then to separate them I have selected the edges of union in the model and using the in the Cut UV edges tool in the UV map editor, then I have moved the separated pieces to work better in the UV map editor space. After this, I have done the same process to cut the edges to unfold the piece, selecting the edges on the model and then cutting them. With all the pieces prepared to unfold I used the Unfold tool in the UV editor to automatically unfold the object. During this process I have active the Display Distortion option to see if the mesh was properly unfold or not. If this tool show any problem I tried to cut the mesh in other way or make more pieces to give it more space to unfold. I have done this process to all the objects. In the case of the body I had some problems in the edge flow lines in the armpit because the selected edge line that go over the body till the side of the ankle ended in a pool instead to go through the arm till the wrist. Therefore, I had to redo the area of the armpit to fix this problem. I have also a problem in one of the legs where the edge flow didn’t match the position of the other leg at the level of the ankle, It was twisted 2 polygons. In this case I have deleted a loop of polygons over the ankle and using soft selection and selecting the last edge loop, I have rotated the polygons on the leg to match the edge flow on the other leg. In the case of some elements as the eyes, instead of using a planar projection I used the default UV maps of Maya, in this case a sphere. Finally I save the low poly model as a OBJ file.



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