Project Development: Red chases Blue update ♯12

With the low poly model finished I started the process of extracting the maps on Zbrush. First I have opened the low poly OBJ file and the high poly model project and I have appended the lowest model to the high poly project. Then I have split it to parts and reordered each part to have the low poly next to the high poly in the subtool window. Then I have used Project each time I divided adapting the new definition and approximating the high poly model’s detail. I divided the low poly model 5 times, then I saw have seen that the model have almost all the detail so I decided to stop there. I did this process to each part. Having then the subdivisions being the lowest one the low poly model and having the detail in the higher subdivision I was ready to start extracting maps from the model.
The maps that needed this comparison between the high and low poly model are the normal map and the displacement map.  In order to extract this two maps I had to put the model in its lowest subdivision level and use the proper sub palette, In the case of the normal map I configured it with the default settings but adding the adaptive option. For the Displacement map I used the default options. For the Ambient occlusion map and the cavity map I used the respective options under the masking tab. With de maps exported, I wanted to see how it looks in Maya.I have been able to put correctly the normal map, there were some odd graphical errors in the seams of the UVs but the rest looked good. Nevertheless, when I tried the displacement map it created some error in some vertexes giving them an incorrect displacement and height. I do not know why this is happening but I will look if I can find some answer on internet.

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