Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯6

Back to the Places of the mind project, today I have modelled the General shape of the leg armor. As I didn’t like too much the panel loop technique to make armor, as it’s very difficult to use if you want to deform the mesh or sculpt relieves on the armor I have done the armor from basic forms as cubes, using Dynamesh and giving them a basic shapes with the move brush and more detail with the Damian standard brush, inflate and trim dynamic. In the case of the pants I used the Edgeloop tool because it was a piece that follow the shape underneath and I only give it a bit of deformation to make folds. As armor I have done the basic shape of the feet, knee guard and lower and upper leg armor. I modeled the feet piece as it was made by layers of plate. Tomorrow I travel to Spain to be with my family during Christmas and I will be back the 5th of January. I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to expend to work in the project as I will be with my family most of the time. Even though, I will carry my laptop with me to try to work and advance the projects. The laptop I have is very old and I don’t know which type of work I’ll be able to do, I doubt I be able to do the retopology of any model but I will try to finish the modeling on Zbrush and try to do the retopology and the texturing when I go back. I hope I’ll have enough time to finish the retopology and texturing of the projects’ models.



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