Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯7

I have continued the warrior model giving more detail to the legs’ armor. Using dynamesh, I gave some relieves to the lower leg armor with the Demian standar and trim dynamic brushes. Then I continued with the upper leg armor giving it a dragon scale shape with 3 spikes in only one piece. I didn’t like it because it hasn’t to detail and didn’t look as an armor so, I decided to use the lower part of the plate to make duplicates and make a layered plate armor by putting one over the other. I have used the upper part to make another layer that would be the connection to the belt. I have also modeled the shoulder pads to give it relieve in the border of each plate and extruded some spikes to give more evil look to the armor. In order to do this I have masked the borders and used the move brush with a big size and for the spikes masking where I wanted the spikes


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