Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯8

I have been thinking that some parts of the model as the shoulders pads and the feet’s armor should be necessarily made in separated pieces because they are solid and they should bend and fold layer over layer of metal plate. As I did them all in one mesh they would deform when the character moves. In the shoulder case, I fixed this problem importing the original state of the shoulders that the metal plates were made in different elements to be merged after with dynamesh. On the other hand, the feet’s armor were made from an appended cube and worked with dynamesh during all the process. In this case I have decided to cut the model in two pieces, one for the toes another for the rest of the foot. I retouched both objects so they cut one the other and adapting the foot piece to have a proper curve to allow the bending of the toes piece without  stick out. I have comprehended that the best way to work with several pieces is to work them separately, for example, in the case of the shoulders I wanted to put a relief on them and some horns. I did the relief over the shoulder with dinamesh but I used a sphere in a different tool to make the horns. In order to stretch the sphere I used the move brush with a small brush.

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