Finishing the Projects

After finish the Blue character texturing, I started to bake the warrior’s maps in Zbrush as I did with Blue. I had some problems merging the body pieces with dynamesh because they were to many pieces or to many information at a time. Therefore I decided to merge them one by one with dynamesh. It took a lot of time to do it but I solved the problem. With the high poly and low poly ready I started to bake the normal maps one by one and then combine the maps on photoshop to have the final map.

Once Finished, I fix some problems I had with the low poly model as it was  with its back towards the front camera and it was also very small. Therefore I rotated it and scale it.
Then I started to paint the model on Substance as I did with the blue one. When I finished I wanted to use marmoset toolbag to render the models and have export a viewer to show my work. First I had to look some tutorials but also I had some problems with the difference of color and reflectiveness behavior between substance and Marmoset. I found a lot of problems with the gloss map as it was needed to be very high to make the metal elements look metallic the problem is that the rest of elements become very glossy too so was a bit weir in some areas like the skin or the cloths. I had also the problem that the model looks a lot more darker than in substance and I didn’t know how to fix this problem till I thought that I should create a light point. I have to create an account on the ArtStation website in order to upload the Marmoset files and have access to show my work online.

Links to MarmoSet viewers:

Blue – MarmoSet
Warrior – MarmoSet


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Project Development: Red chases Blue update ♯11

Today I have started painting the models. I have started preparing and correcting the size of the blue model as it was 10 times smaller than it should be.  Then I imported the models and baked maps of the blue model to Substance to start painting it. Before painting I had to look some basic tutorials to understand how the program works. Luckily the programme is very easy to use and I have only spent 1 hour or so watching tutorials. I had some problems at the beginning because I didn’t understand how the layers work till I found that I have to save the model in maya with different materials to each set of elements in order to transform each material in one layer and be able to paint elements that are very close without paint both.  I had lots of problems with the color picker because it did not chose the same color I used, it took the screen color so I had to recalibrate the color each time I wanted to paint with the same material or fix problems. Another problem I had was that sometimes, I still don’t know why, the material or materials I used to paint started to paint the displacement or the normal creating holes or bumps  in the model’s surface. In order to maintain a more clean space of work I used masks to separate elements and have more freedom to paint without worrying on paint something by error.




Allegorithmic (n.d.) Substance Painter Tutorial – Fundamentals 01: Physically Based Rendering [Online video]. Available from: <; [Accessed 08-01-17].

Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯14

Today I have finished the topology of the body. I had some problems solving some parts and I think maybe I will have problems with UV’s seems as there don’t exist continuous edgeloop that go over the body. I Have also done the remesh of the rest of elements on Zbrush. As I have seen that using the zremesh tool properly the results are very good and that the rest of the elements are not going to deform I decided to use them directly trying to achieve the better polycount that Zremesher let me without losing to much control over the edge flow. I exported them to Maya and I started to do the UVs. As I thought I had some problems cutting the mesh having to do a lot of zigzag on the edges or having to remesh the topology to improve the result.

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I also started to do the retopology in Zbrush of the body of the red character but at the en of the day I found that I wasn’t going to have enough time with only two days left to finish the projects. Therefore I decided to leave the red model and the eye model as they were and centre my attention on finishing the Blue and Warrior character.


Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯13

I have continued the warrior’s head by doing the ear and connecting the rest of the face parts. I had to fix the topology redirection edge loops to avoid pools of six edges or many pools one next to the other. During this process I worked only with half of the head. When I finished it I duplicated it and inverse scaling it by -1in the correct axis. My computer had worst problems of memory and crashes than when I did the blue’s retopology. I have lost a lot of time today due to this. At the end of the day I discovered that one way to solve this problem. This is to delete the history very frequently to not overcharge the undo option and to eliminate a lot of accumulated transforming information.

Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯12

Today I have started with the retopology of the warrior model. First, I have merged all the parts that are going to be part of the body and I have used Dynamesh to combine them in only one mesh. I had some problems with combining so many objects at the same time with so much resolution in Dynamesh. It was necessary to use a very high resolution to maintain as many details as possible. This caused processes durations of half an hour to in where I saw several times that some parts didn’t combine properly creating holes and loose polygons on the mesh. After several attempts I decided to leave it alone and try other way. I remembered the process to remesh within zbrush that the professor showed me so I decided to research how to do it. I used the Zremesher brush to paint some guide lines on the face. I  tried to do it also in the rest of the body but and painting a lot of lines thinking that drawing more lines would define better the result I wanted. Nevertheless, this was a mistake as Zbrush started to do weird things and remesh the topology in very strange ways. Finally I decided to only use Zremesher in the head of the model with a lot less lines. The result was acceptable but I will have to redo a lot of parts like the mouth, the eyes and of course the ears.  I exported the high poly model and the remeshed low poly model to Maya to start the retopology. First of all I used the smooth brush in quad draw to adapt the shape of the whole low poly model body to the high poly model.  After that, I started the reconstruction by deleting some parts that I didn’t like it or the places where was necessary to put loops. Normally the structure of the polygon was arranged in spiral shape making very difficult to work with the mesh to build loops in some important areas. Then I started the reconstruction by the head trying to reconstruct the lips and the eyes following some topology references to do properly the required edge loops.

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Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯11

I have continued modeling the legs of the creature. First of all I have deleted one of the sides of the legs with the Trim Lasso and dynamesh because the where in the same mesh and was very difficult to work with them and replace the arms in the correct position. Then I have scaled, moved and rotated till I have been satisfied with the result. Then I have given more detail to the arm and the hands as they were very poor defined. After that, I have duplicated the arm and worked on the connection of them with the eyeball. I used move and snake hook to create veins that come out from the upper part of the arm and connect to the sides and the back of the eyeball. I didn’t use symmetry to give a more organic look. Finally, I used the move tool I have adjusted the veins to the surface of the eyeball.

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Tomorrow I go back to Hertfordshire so I will not be able to do anything tomorrow. I hope have enough time to do the retopology and texturing as I didn’t be able to do it here in Spain. If I can do all the models at least I would like to finish the blue and the warrior character to have one character finished of each project.



Project Development : Red chases Blue ♯10

I have continued the red model by creating the mouth hole. In order to do that without deform all the face y masked the area bellow the nose, maintaining a space to not deform it either, till the lower lip where both lips toueches. Then I inverted the masked and using Dynamesh with inflate, move tool and smooth I pushed in the hole. During this process as when the lower lip and the jaw were very protruding and it didn’t let me see, I hide them using the select rectangle brush. Once the hole had the size and shape I wanted I started to reconstruct the upper lip to give the same shape it had before and modeling the corner of the mouth to connect both lips. As I did with the places of the mind’s warrior I created a hollow cylinder and cuted in half to create the teeth. Then I placed them into the maouth and adapt all the elements to match the shape of the character’s face.

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Project Development: Red chases Blue ♯9

As my laptop can’t be used for retopology I have decided to continue with the red model by cleaning a bit the shapes of the skin and give it a more clean look. Then I have started to make the armor made of metal scrap and junk. I thought that the more easy and quick way to make this type of armor would be by adding plates one over the other duplication and placing a flattened cube. Once the plates where situated on the body, creating it the shape of the breastplate, I used masks and the rotate tool to give the plates rounded shapes. In order to do this is necessary to mask more than half of the model and select the pivot point of rotation very carefully each time. I used also dynames when was necessary or when I  started to give a very used and deteriorated look to the metal plates using  the TrimLasso to cut the edges an make some incisions on them. I treated each plate separately to give different shape to each plate so they look more chunky. Finally to seem that all this pieces are together I used the IMM Industrial Parts that comes with Zbrush to add some bolts head where the plates connect. I added also some torus to create a mobile leg armor that connects to the breastplate. I used the same process to do the shoulder pad armor.

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Project Development: Places of the Mind ♯10

I have started a new model for the places of the mind’s project. I have chosen one of the concept art I did during the project’s week. I decided to make the Eye monster because would be the simplest and fastest creature to do as it is a sphere with legs (or arms). I have started by creating a sphere and using it as reference to determine the length of the arms. To start modeling the arms I appended a box to the canvas and then extruded the arms using symmetry, mask, move and dynames. After that I have started to modelling it till I have the basic shape of the arms.