Project Development: Red chases Blue ♯9

As my laptop can’t be used for retopology I have decided to continue with the red model by cleaning a bit the shapes of the skin and give it a more clean look. Then I have started to make the armor made of metal scrap and junk. I thought that the more easy and quick way to make this type of armor would be by adding plates one over the other duplication and placing a flattened cube. Once the plates where situated on the body, creating it the shape of the breastplate, I used masks and the rotate tool to give the plates rounded shapes. In order to do this is necessary to mask more than half of the model and select the pivot point of rotation very carefully each time. I used also dynames when was necessary or when I  started to give a very used and deteriorated look to the metal plates using  the TrimLasso to cut the edges an make some incisions on them. I treated each plate separately to give different shape to each plate so they look more chunky. Finally to seem that all this pieces are together I used the IMM Industrial Parts that comes with Zbrush to add some bolts head where the plates connect. I added also some torus to create a mobile leg armor that connects to the breastplate. I used the same process to do the shoulder pad armor.

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