Project Development : Red chases Blue ♯10

I have continued the red model by creating the mouth hole. In order to do that without deform all the face y masked the area bellow the nose, maintaining a space to not deform it either, till the lower lip where both lips toueches. Then I inverted the masked and using Dynamesh with inflate, move tool and smooth I pushed in the hole. During this process as when the lower lip and the jaw were very protruding and it didn’t let me see, I hide them using the select rectangle brush. Once the hole had the size and shape I wanted I started to reconstruct the upper lip to give the same shape it had before and modeling the corner of the mouth to connect both lips. As I did with the places of the mind’s warrior I created a hollow cylinder and cuted in half to create the teeth. Then I placed them into the maouth and adapt all the elements to match the shape of the character’s face.

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