Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯11

I have continued modeling the legs of the creature. First of all I have deleted one of the sides of the legs with the Trim Lasso and dynamesh because the where in the same mesh and was very difficult to work with them and replace the arms in the correct position. Then I have scaled, moved and rotated till I have been satisfied with the result. Then I have given more detail to the arm and the hands as they were very poor defined. After that, I have duplicated the arm and worked on the connection of them with the eyeball. I used move and snake hook to create veins that come out from the upper part of the arm and connect to the sides and the back of the eyeball. I didn’t use symmetry to give a more organic look. Finally, I used the move tool I have adjusted the veins to the surface of the eyeball.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow I go back to Hertfordshire so I will not be able to do anything tomorrow. I hope have enough time to do the retopology and texturing as I didn’t be able to do it here in Spain. If I can do all the models at least I would like to finish the blue and the warrior character to have one character finished of each project.




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