Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯12

Today I have started with the retopology of the warrior model. First, I have merged all the parts that are going to be part of the body and I have used Dynamesh to combine them in only one mesh. I had some problems with combining so many objects at the same time with so much resolution in Dynamesh. It was necessary to use a very high resolution to maintain as many details as possible. This caused processes durations of half an hour to in where I saw several times that some parts didn’t combine properly creating holes and loose polygons on the mesh. After several attempts I decided to leave it alone and try other way. I remembered the process to remesh within zbrush that the professor showed me so I decided to research how to do it. I used the Zremesher brush to paint some guide lines on the face. I  tried to do it also in the rest of the body but and painting a lot of lines thinking that drawing more lines would define better the result I wanted. Nevertheless, this was a mistake as Zbrush started to do weird things and remesh the topology in very strange ways. Finally I decided to only use Zremesher in the head of the model with a lot less lines. The result was acceptable but I will have to redo a lot of parts like the mouth, the eyes and of course the ears.  I exported the high poly model and the remeshed low poly model to Maya to start the retopology. First of all I used the smooth brush in quad draw to adapt the shape of the whole low poly model body to the high poly model.  After that, I started the reconstruction by deleting some parts that I didn’t like it or the places where was necessary to put loops. Normally the structure of the polygon was arranged in spiral shape making very difficult to work with the mesh to build loops in some important areas. Then I started the reconstruction by the head trying to reconstruct the lips and the eyes following some topology references to do properly the required edge loops.

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