Project Development: Places of the Mind update ♯14

Today I have finished the topology of the body. I had some problems solving some parts and I think maybe I will have problems with UV’s seems as there don’t exist continuous edgeloop that go over the body. I Have also done the remesh of the rest of elements on Zbrush. As I have seen that using the zremesh tool properly the results are very good and that the rest of the elements are not going to deform I decided to use them directly trying to achieve the better polycount that Zremesher let me without losing to much control over the edge flow. I exported them to Maya and I started to do the UVs. As I thought I had some problems cutting the mesh having to do a lot of zigzag on the edges or having to remesh the topology to improve the result.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also started to do the retopology in Zbrush of the body of the red character but at the en of the day I found that I wasn’t going to have enough time with only two days left to finish the projects. Therefore I decided to leave the red model and the eye model as they were and centre my attention on finishing the Blue and Warrior character.



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