Project Development: Red chases Blue update ♯11

Today I have started painting the models. I have started preparing and correcting the size of the blue model as it was 10 times smaller than it should be.  Then I imported the models and baked maps of the blue model to Substance to start painting it. Before painting I had to look some basic tutorials to understand how the program works. Luckily the programme is very easy to use and I have only spent 1 hour or so watching tutorials. I had some problems at the beginning because I didn’t understand how the layers work till I found that I have to save the model in maya with different materials to each set of elements in order to transform each material in one layer and be able to paint elements that are very close without paint both.  I had lots of problems with the color picker because it did not chose the same color I used, it took the screen color so I had to recalibrate the color each time I wanted to paint with the same material or fix problems. Another problem I had was that sometimes, I still don’t know why, the material or materials I used to paint started to paint the displacement or the normal creating holes or bumps  in the model’s surface. In order to maintain a more clean space of work I used masks to separate elements and have more freedom to paint without worrying on paint something by error.




Allegorithmic (n.d.) Substance Painter Tutorial – Fundamentals 01: Physically Based Rendering [Online video]. Available from: <; [Accessed 08-01-17].

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