Finishing the Projects

After finish the Blue character texturing, I started to bake the warrior’s maps in Zbrush as I did with Blue. I had some problems merging the body pieces with dynamesh because they were to many pieces or to many information at a time. Therefore I decided to merge them one by one with dynamesh. It took a lot of time to do it but I solved the problem. With the high poly and low poly ready I started to bake the normal maps one by one and then combine the maps on photoshop to have the final map.

Once Finished, I fix some problems I had with the low poly model as it was  with its back towards the front camera and it was also very small. Therefore I rotated it and scale it.
Then I started to paint the model on Substance as I did with the blue one. When I finished I wanted to use marmoset toolbag to render the models and have export a viewer to show my work. First I had to look some tutorials but also I had some problems with the difference of color and reflectiveness behavior between substance and Marmoset. I found a lot of problems with the gloss map as it was needed to be very high to make the metal elements look metallic the problem is that the rest of elements become very glossy too so was a bit weir in some areas like the skin or the cloths. I had also the problem that the model looks a lot more darker than in substance and I didn’t know how to fix this problem till I thought that I should create a light point. I have to create an account on the ArtStation website in order to upload the Marmoset files and have access to show my work online.

Links to MarmoSet viewers:

Blue – MarmoSet
Warrior – MarmoSet


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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