Live Professional Brief #01

In this new assignment my main objective is to create a futuristic post apocalyptical character with a cartoonish look. My first idea was to use a similar aesthetic as Overwatch using similar proportions and stile.
My first attempt was to create a young girl that would be like an scavenger with a mix of the looking of a scavenger from Fallout and the style of League of Legends or Overwatch. The character would mix the steampunk and the post apocalyptical aesthetic in her equipment. Nevertheless, I didn’t like this idea at the end and decided to change to a more suitable character for the project.concept01.jpg

My second idea was a woman, part of a crew of space explorer that investigates planets looking for resources for a colony that is in the same planetary system. So she will have to travel between planets an confront different hazards that will find in her way to find and extract those resources. As she will have to face several environmental dangers she will have to be equipped accordingly to survive.

In order to create my concept art I looked for references in Google images and pinterest about space explorers finding interesting concepts of equipment in Halo 5 concepts and the Nostromo crew from Alien film between other references.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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