Live Professional Brief #07

I have made 2 protective plates in the inside part of the leg and defined with smooth and dam_stadard brush and dynamesh with smooth. I have added to the trousers a separated piece that would have the function o f a knee pad. I have masked the surface and used the move brush and smooth in order to carve its surface. Then I used the move brush to give its final shape.

I have created the exteriors protective plates with the extract methods as well as the relieves in the interior of the same plate. Then I used the move brush to give it shape and the dam_standard brush along with dynamesh with polish to get a more polished result.
I continued the toolbags by modeling them by masking and moving the surfaces then I added a relief border also with masking and the inflate brush. Finally, I used the IMM_Clothing_Hard brush to add some buttons placing them better using move.

After that I centered my attention on doing the legs armor plates and knee pads. I used a sphere to model the kneepad, cut it with the trim lasso brush, and modeled with masks and the inflate brush, move and dam_standard brush. In a similar way I did the rest of the leg plates and the kneepad bands but extracting the surfaces from the leg.

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