Live Professional Brief #08

I have made the sole of the boots duplicating the feet and trimming its surface till I got something with the width similar to a sole, then I modeled it using masks and the move brush.

I have also made some protective toe plates with the extracting method and also by creating another protective toe with cylinders and merging them with dinamesh.
I started the helmet by extracting some shapes from the head painting with the silhouette of the mask. Then masking and using the move brush, trim dynamic, inflate and dam_standard I created the volume and shape of it. Then using an sphere I defined de base shape of the mask’s holographic glass with a sphere, then u used move and trim dynamic brushes o make its shape and then mask the surface I wanted to use and extract the surface to get a layer of a specific thickness. I added more detail to the back part of the mask adding another relief for the base of the tubes with the extracting method. After that, I placed some cubes to create the tube connection in the back of the mask and used mask, trim dynamic and move to model them. To make the headphones I used a sphere, copied it , sliced it in two to make the seam and used a Boolean method with a cylinder to make the circular hole. Then I used another spear to create the light bulb.

I modelled the hair from a sphere using the set of brushes I always use (move, dam_standard,…) and added a braid starting it from a cylinder and modeled it with a repetitive pattern. I added two hair bands at the beginning and at the end of the braid using cylinders and then modeled them. Finally I added more detail adding bolts to several parts like the shoulder pads, the neck and the breastplate. I also added small cylinder details in the breastplate.

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