Live Professional Brief #09

Before exporting the model first I made several separated groups of tools in order to copy them, merge them in one element, then one of the copies I apply a dynamesh and then using projection I projected the information of the not dynameshed layer on the dynameshed object to get all the detail. I did this process to make the body consisting in the body, all the armor pieces except for the Pads. I did separately the hair, the mask, the holographic screen, the tool, bags, the buckle, the breathing box and the protective toes. In general I didn’t merge in to the body mesh all the things are not going to be deformed and must keep the shape.

In order to remeshed first of all I reduced the polycount by using the decimation Master Zplugin to a more manageable amount. After that I exported the several tool as OBJs. Then I started a research to learn a new software I found for retopology, SketchRetopo. I saw several video-tutorials in order to understand how to use it and how to place patches of polygons. Was quite tricky at first but I see a lot of potential in this programme that, on top of it, it’s free.
I imported the body OBJ as a base mesh to place the polygons over its surface. Then I saved the project because this programme is still on beta and tend to crash frequently. The good thing is that has an autosave system that saves the project every 30 sec (the quantity of time can be adjusted). I applied symmetry to only work on half part of the mesh and then started the retopology by the face. After finishing the head I create different polygon Island in different parts of the body in order to get the overall shape and working to join each island little by little.
I have also created the hydraulic system and some plates of the legs on Maya as by the moment I find difficult to create that kind of elements on Zbrush.


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Igl , Interactive Geometry Lab , ETH Zurich, Sketch-Based Generation and Editing of Quad Meshes (n.d.) [Online]. Available from: <; [Accessed 01March 2017].
Kenshi Takayama (n.d.) SketchRetopo Tutorial #02 (Basic Usage) [Online video]. Available from: < > [Accessed 01 March 2017].

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