Final Project Preproduction #2

We have had the meeting in the Starbucks cafeteria. We have talked about the background history of the game and alien and characters design. Basically, there are a scientific space station that is dedicated to the study of a near black hole. Before the beginning of the game an alien spaceship has come out from the black hole. The ship doesn’t respond to the space station call so the security group decided to board the spaceship discovering there is nobody on board. Finally they decided to dock the ship in the scientist space station to let the scientist to research about the effects the black hole had on the ship and also the alien technology. Nevertheless, something strange happen and the crew of the space station started to feel sick and get crazy attacking other people. A scientist discovered that near the reactor of the space station this effect disappears. The survivors of the riots decided to move all the cryogenic pods to the reactor room and get everybody to a cryogenic sleep leaving only one survivor asleep to control the drones that will investigate what happened in the ship. These drones will be controlled by the sleeping survivors and will be the main character that will control the player. Each time the robot dies one person inside a cryogenic pod will die due to the electric backlash of losing the connection with the drone. Inside the ship there will be temporal displacement events that will show two scenes in different periods of time that will help the drone to solve certain puzzles. At the same time the robot will have to face a group of alien that were hidden in the space time dimension. The objective of the main character therefore will be to find a way to make the survivors scape or to defeat the alien leader by solving several puzzles and reactivating the systems of the spaceship.


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