Final Project Preproduction #4

We have divided up our work between us. In my case I have halved the characters design with Ryan. He will do the Humans characters and I will do the Aliens characters. For the aliens we agreed that they should look like a mix between Tiranids from Warhammer 40k and the enemies of Warframe having a mix of soft, smooth skin covered by hard plates of bone. At the same time their technology should be based on organic matter. Because of that they will have glands sack around its body and shells that act like armor pieces.

I have look for some references in order to sketche the alien minion that would be a brute creature that will be more than one, won’t be unique as the alien leader.

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In order to make it and look lethal I cantered my interest in the brute force instead of an agile and fast creature, I took gorillas and rhinoceros as an animal start point. Therefore, it should be bulky, muscular and hunched, walk on all 4 or more limbs. As I wanted to create some features that the entire alien race characters share I made it with a soft slimy skin but with shells and bonny protrusion like pointy horns, or spinal vertebra extensions on the back. I took Alien and Predator aliens as inspiration in order to create the face of the minion making it without facial features like eyes, nose or ears making it stranger and alien. I also add some glandular sacks on the neck for the corrosive saliva spit these creatures will be able to shoot. I gave some contrast on its overall bulkiness adding two slender arms in the chest like a T-Rex. They would use these hands in order to grab things and help them to eat. Their movements will be like a gorilla normally walking on all four and attacking with its superior limbs, claws and maw.Alien01_Colour00.pngAlien01_Colour00_02.png


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