Final Project Preproduction #6

I have drawn the final concept of the alien leader. I wanted to give contrast compared to the minion’s strength and bulkiness making it looks a bit fragile. I wanted make it slender and thin, almost vulnerable but with a threatening aura. This kind of weak look is normally associated in character design to intelligence character or that have magical or psychic powers like in this case, I also made it straighten to improve the intellect perception. In order to make it look more fragile, I made it very skinny with the rib cage being very noticeable. Following the minion’s design I add to it bonny protrusions, horns and shells. To make them even more similar I used a bigger version of the inner arms of the minions as superior limbs and similar leg shapes like horses with a dinosaur aesthetic. I wanted to make it look more like a human so I added hair as something similar to a ponytail, I took as inspiration the helmets of the Eldar’s banshees from Warhammer 40K.  For the feet, I look for dinosaur and dragon references. I also decided that its face would be concealed by an organic technologic gelatinous mask in order to look like the minion face but also to have eyes under the mask.


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