Final Project Preproduction #12

As my research is going to be centred on the creation of hair using polygonal strips and get a big understanding in the creation and use inside unreal editor, I created a base model of the head of the alien leader on Zbrush in order to have a tridimensional reference for the hair volume dimensions and shape. It also has helped me to apply some test materials on it and see the results of them on a more final model shape.
I did the modelling taking the head studies as references. I created different parts for the upper part of the head, the jaw and neck and the different types of horns in order to model them separately and easier. Once I had the general shape done I used Dynamesh to merge them in one tool, I did the mask separately as another tool as it is going to be semi-transparent and therefore it will be able to see through it.

I defined the general ponytail’s shape in order to have a reference of the volume and shape when i applied the hair. With the model done I did a remesh using the remeshing brush to define some polygon flows and reduce the polycount to the minimum. This won’t be the final mesh, I will use it only for these tests. In order to start testing with hair strips I created several polygonal strip planes with different sizes and topology to see how they work and what benefits could give me.




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