Artist’s Research #1: Yibing Jiang

Yibing Jiang is a Shading artist that has worked in 3D animation films and videogames for companies like Ready at Dawn Studios, Disney or  Naughty Dog . She has worked in projects like Cars 2, The order 1886, Wreck it Ralph and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End among other projects. Her work in this last project centering its work on the shading of the hair, skin, and cloth surfaces.

Her results are gorgeous and incredibly realistic. In the case of the hair, It is even more astonishing when the rendered result is compared to the polygonal model where can be seen the topology of the hair. The black female model that was created by Frank Tzeng. Her hair was created combining polygonal plane cards with tridimensional curls in order to get a more realistic effect above all in its silhouette where the shapes of this meshes creates the effect of having a real curly hair instead of being using textured planes only.

For the skin she used the Disney Diffuse model, GGX Brdf model and Screen Space Subsurface combined with micro details maps in order to get a very realistic skin in real time rendering.

Looking her work I understand how far realism can go in shader terms inside actual videogame industry and encourage me to study further the processes and techniques used by her to try to improve my own results.


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Yibing Jiang (n.d.) Yibing Jiang’s Demo Reel 2015 — Real-Time Shading / Shading / Matte Painting [Online video]. Available from: < > [Accessed 06 April 2017].

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