Artist’s Research #2: Frank Tzeng

Frank Tzeng is the Lead Character Artist at Naughty Dog. He worked on projects like Killzone: Shadow Fall, The last of us or Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End among other projects. In the case of this last project he take care of the modeling of the main characters like Drake, Nadine or Victor Sullivan. His results are flawless and the realism level is out of this world. He sculpt with an incredible level of detail, creating each wrinkle and pore of the skin’s surface.

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He is also capable of copying actors faces with a incredible likeness to a point that once rendered it can’t be said if is the real one or not, that is the case of Robert Downey Jr.’s model.

He also have a incredible skills to make expressions and make its models look alive. But he not only do human characters, their creatures are also incredible and share the same level of detail as the human ones. I find that he has mastered the facial sculpt to to the maximum level.

He has a series of tutorial in Gumroad that are worth to check, some of them are for free what is great. I will keep an eye on this artist  and try to learn as much as possible of the workflow he use to create his models.


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